Meal and accommodation

We eat and sleep on board. The boat has its own kitchen where two cooks prepare delicious meals. Breakfast is served daily with freshly baked bread. At the rich buffet you will find pancakes, omelettes, eggs, fresh fruit as well as Egyptian specialities like flat bread, fuul, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers.

At lunchtime and in the evening, European cuisine is the main dish. Noodles, rice, chicken, fish, fresh salads but also freshly caught fish are on the menu. If the crew manages to catch enough fresh fish and calamari, a barbeque is planned either on board or on land.

We sleep below deck in comfortable twin cabins. Each cabin has two single beds and its own bathroom with toilet and warm water shower. We always anchor in the lee of the islands, where there are very few waves. The waves gently rock us to sleep and the fresh sea air makes for a good night’s sleep. If it gets too narrow in the cabin, you can also spend the night on the upper deck.