Chris has turned his hobby into his profession and now follows his passion. He started kitesurfing at Lake Garda in 2009 and made Egypt his focal point of life. As IKO instructor and organizer of the Safaris he shares all his passion and experience with you. A quick learning success and a smile in the face of the students after the session are the most important things for him.


Dorotea is the good soul in our team and makes the impossible possible. With over 30 years of experience and her own travel agency, she has a solution for every problem. If you can’t find a suitable flight or have problems with your visa, Dorotea is the right contact for you. You can also be relied on outside business hours, as a flight can also be cancelled on a Sunday and a replacement is needed immediately.


Max Piona has been kiting for more than 20 years and there are very few spots he hasn’t seen before. Max is an IKO Examiner and trains kite instructors all over the world. When he’s not jetting around the world, he runs a kite school south of Safaga where he shares his passion with everyone who wants to learn to kite. He now has over 20,000 hours of experience as an instructor. He immediately recognizes mistakes and through his experience knows exactly what you must do differently.


Tiziana is a certified fitness and yoga trainer and runs her own gym near Madonna di Campiglio. Since seven years she spends every free minute on the water at Lake Garda. Through her experience as a fitness coach, she knows exactly which muscle groups you need to strengthen to prolong your time on the water and prevent injuries. Her warm nature and her extensive knowledge makes every training an experience and makes you want more.


Johanna has been teaching water sports for over 10 years now: kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, surfing. Every day you will find her on the water with the wind in her hair and a broad smile on her face. Her broad knowledge of sports allows her to recognize your mistakes quickly and to help you succeed efficiently. Over the years she has worked at countless kite schools and trained on many different spots, until she finally founded her own kite school together with Katrin.

Katrin has long turned her face to the sun. With her cheerful and cordial nature, she always scatters a positive feeling. She discovered her passion for water many years ago while surfing on Fuerteventura. Since then they have never left the elements of water and wind alone. At the same time, she discovered the perfect combination between water sports and yoga. In her yoga program she shows you effective exercises to stretch, warm up and strengthen your muscles. Also, in the water she takes you by the hand and shows you that calmness and patience always lead to success.

Katrin and Johanna