Kitesafari Los Roques

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Kitesafari Los Roques

We explore the countless spots in Los Roques with our private boat

Dive with us into the unspoilt beauty of Los Roques, discover hidden treasures off the beaten track and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this unique archipelago.

Our private boat takes us daily from our kitehouse on Gran Roque to a carefully selected spot in the magical island worlds of Los Roques. Each spot offers you its own unrivalled experience – from calm, flat waters perfect for freestylers to exciting waves for the adrenaline junkies among the surfers.

Experience the breathtaking scenery of Los Roques, the secrets of this magical island world and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this place.

We are your hosts, guides and passionate fellow kiters who are committed to giving you an unforgettable experience. Our aim is to make your trip as exciting, relaxing and personalised as possible.

Our Trip

The starting point of our safari is Gran Roque. Our private boat takes us to a different dream spot on the archipelago every day. Depending on the destination, the boat ride takes 15-45 minutes. Once we arrive at the spot, we set up camp where we can chill out in the shade in the deckchairs we have brought with us during the breaks. Depending on the conditions, we stay at one spot or go on a safari or a downwinder to another spot. Our boat is with us all day and serves as a support and rescue boat.

The Spots

The crystal-clear water in combination with the white sand and the blue tones of the sea make kiting on Los Roques a unique experience. On the 400km² archipelago, there are countless spots to choose from and each spot is more stunning than the next. Saki Saki, Sardina, Cayo Vapor, Francisqui, Cayo del Aqua, Kraski and Madrisqui are just a few of them. Our guide Hary has been living and kiting on Los Roques for over 15 years and takes us to places where we kite completely alone and in absolute kite heaven.

Our Kitehouse

The 200m² house is close to the beach, has 5 bedrooms and can accommodate 9 people. Each room is equipped with a double bed, private bathroom and air condition. Furthermore, our accommodation has a well-equipped kitchen with huge fridges, a large dining and lounge area and a terrace facing the beach. At the back of the house there is a 20,000 litre fresh water tank (water is in short supply on the island) and an emergency generator in case of a power cut.

Our Boat

To be able to kite on Los Roques, you need a boat with a local guide for the daily transfer to the spots, but also as a rescue and support boat. Our boat is 10 metres long and equipped with a 250hp engine, making it ideal for getting us and our equipment to where we want to kite quickly.

This is what your day with us on Los Roques looks like:

The day starts with a delicious breakfast in our cosy kitehouse on Gran Roque. After a short briefing on the wind and spot, we set off at full throttle. Our private boat picks us up directly in front of our accommodation on the beach.

Depending on which spot we have chosen, the boat trip takes between 15 and 45 minutes. Once there, our two guides Hary and Jose set up camp for us. Large sun umbrellas and a tent provide enough shade for us to rest in the sun chairs we have brought with us. After a detailed spot briefing, we head straight out onto the water. Each spot has its own character and there is so much to discover. Depending on our mood, we spend the day at one spot, kite over to another spot or take a downwinder through the archipelago. Incredible shades of blue, spectacular coral reefs, colourful fish and turtles make our day an unforgettable experience.

We have cold dishes, snacks and drinks in large cool boxes with us for our lunch break on the beach. After a short break, we hit the water again and kite until dusk at around 17:00. We enjoy the sunset on the beach with a cool beer and then head back to our accommodation.

Once we arrive at the kitehouse, we have time for a shower and a cocktail before our cook Maria spoils us with a delicious dinner. After dinner, we can stroll around Los Roques and have a beer on the beach with the locals, but don’t expect a party centre, everything on Los Roques is laid-back and easy-going.

Dates and prices

We have a total of 4 safaris planned for February 2025. The single trips always run from Saturday to Saturday and we only have a limited number of places:

     01.02.25 – 08.02.25 (booked out)
     08.02.25 – 15.02.25
     15.02.25 – 22.02.25
     22.02.25 – 01.03.25

Price per person in „shared doubleroom“ 1.590€
Equipment rental Complete premium equipment from Duotone for the entire duration of the safari 390€

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