The Yacht

Our accommodation


Experience the adventure – a kitesafari on our yacht the Sim Dive. For one week you will enjoy nature to the fullest. On our kitesafari we head for an uninhabited group of islands and follow the wind so you can experience the best kitesurfing conditions. And when you are not on the water, you can just enjoy the Red Sea and relax in the fresh sea breeze. With our crew specialized in water sports and fitness you will have a great week.

And here info about the Sim Sim: Our boat is the 31m long Sim Sim Dive, which was completely modernized at the end of 2019. Designed is the 1,300PS strong Sim Sim as a dive boat, but is ideally suited for our purposes. Furnished by the German owner with much love, the yacht offers everything we need.

Below deck there are 8 spacious guest cabins. Each cabin has two single beds and its own toilet incl. hot water shower. Each room has several portholes which can also be opened. However, during the cruise it is advisable to close the portholes.

On the middle deck there is a modern lounge for eating and hanging out as well as the kitchen and the wheelhouse.

On the upper deck, you’ll find a cozy couch area for relaxing after sessions – in the shade or in the sun. Forward you’ll find another sun deck for tanning.

The sim sim is state of the art. In addition to large freshwater tanks with its own water desalination plant, there is also a state-of-the-art compressed air filling system for diving tanks on board. A large life raft and two dinghies are also part of the Sim Sim’s equipment. We use the dinghies for translating to the spots or as rescue in case someone drifts off.

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